Wines by the Glass

                                     YOU CAN'T  BUY HAPPINESS

                                          BUT YOU CAN BUY WINE  AND THAT''S KIND OF THE SAME THING.


                                                WHITE by the glass


                    Brut SparklingKenwood Winery, Sonoma, nv   9 .      

               Rose' of Merlot, Korbin Kameron, Sonoma Valley, 12  9.

                    Pinot Gris, Muscardini,  Sonoma Valley,  12    9. 

               Viognier, Two Amigos, Sonoma Valley, 12  8.

               Sauvignon Blanc, Chateau St. Jean, Sonoma, 12   8.

               White Rex, Deerfield Ranch( pinot grigio, Sauv blanc, chard, reisling) Sonoma, 12  9.

                      Pinot Blanc, Valley of the Moon, Sonoma County, 12  9.

                      Chardonnay, Kunde,  Sonoma Valley, 11  8.  

                      Chardonnay, Hog Wilde, Sonoma Valley, 12  10.

                      Chardonnay, Ridge, Home Ranch,  05.  13.

                                             RED by the glass

             Red Blend, Pangloss  (cab, merlot, cab franc,) Sonoma, 10  7.

            Petite Sirah, Little Vineyards,  Sonoma, 11  13.

                  Pinot Noir, Talisman, Mystery Vineyard, 07.  13.

                  Merlot, Kenwood, Sonoma, 10.  7.

             Syrah,  Loxton,   Sonoma Valley, 07.   10.             

              Zinfandel,  Bald Mountain, Napa Valley, 09.  10.

                  Cabernet Sauvignon, B.R. Cohn, “Silver” North Coast, 10   10.

            Cabernet Sauvignon, Laurel Glen,  Sonoma Mountain, 11 13.

            Sangiovese, Meadowcroft, Sonoma County, 11  9.

                We are proud to support our friends and neighbors who grew and made these wines!                       

                          What contemptible scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch?  W.C. Fields      













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