Our mini produce farm  ( or large garden-whatever you'd like to call it) is located less than five miles from the Glen Ellen Inn, is ideal for growing all kinds of produce and fruit with it's  relatively warm Sonoma Valley micro climate. This affords us a long and productive growing season. Spring, summer and fall are perfect for for tomatoes, peppers, a multitude of squash, fruits, berries, herbs and other warm weather produce, and cool weather crops such as lettuces, brussels sprouts, and fruits such as Meyer lemon and other citrus grow in the winter. The hardest workers in our  garden are the thousands of lovely honey bees, who do the double duty of pollinating our garden while provideing delicious lavender and lemon scented honey for us! All natural gardening is easy in Sonoma! And much like the Glen Ellen Inn kitchen, something is always cooking in our garden!



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