The Glen Ellen Inn Martini List

  •                            Let's Drink!   Here are some favorite Martinis!

    Absinth Minded Martini Gin, lemon juce, simple syrup & Absinth

    Beach Blanket Babylon Vodka, Blue Curacao, Pineapple juice               

    Cosmo   Vodka, triple sec, cranberry, lime

    Crazy Mary Spicy Bloody Mary mix, Salty jalapeno rim

    Cucumber Martini made with organic cucumber vodka

    Chocolate Truffle Martini Vodka , Godiva liquor, Baily’s

    Cherry Bomb,  Vodka, lemon, champagne & cherry liquor

    Exotic Erotic Martini Vodka, apple ,jalapeno essence, sugar rim

    This Little Figgy Feigling Vodka, Pomegranate juice  , Cointreau

    French Kiss  vodka, pineapple juice, Chambord & champagne

    Fuzzy Navel Martini  Vodka, Peach schnapps, orange juice

    Girl Scout vodka, Godiva chocolate, peppermint scnapps, on the rocks

    Glen Ellen Melon Midori, Smirnoff, sweet & sour lemon

    Green Apple Martini vodka & Sour Apple Pucker

    Haute Chocolat Martini jalepeno vodka, chocolate liquor, cherry, cayenne

    Hot & Cold  Jalapeno-chipotle infused vodka, salty rim, blue cheese olive

    Heisenberg  vodka, Blue curacao, lemon & simple syrup, on the rocks

    I have a Dreamsicle Martini OJ, Vanilla Vodka & cream

    In a Pickle Martini cucumber vodka, our mary mix, pickle juice, on the rocks

    Lavender Lemon Drop lavender scented vodka, lemon juice, sugar rim

    Lemon Drop vodka, lemon juice,  sugar rim

    Mandarin Orange Martini Vodka, Manderine Orange liguor

    Olive Me Martini Vodka, olive juice, olives

    Serenity Now!   Cucumber vodka, lime, soda water, on the rocks

    Sexy Beast Aka: dirty Gin Martini, straight up, with olives

    Salty Dog-Tini Vodka, Grapefruit juice, salty rim

    Orange-Ginger Martini, vodka, Canton ginger liquor, orange juice

    Sugar Daddy Martini, vodka, caramel Bailys & Godiva liquor

                        Twisted Sister Martini vodka, St. Germain, champagne, lemon juice

                                  Pink Lemonade Martini a lemon drop with cranberry

    Pomegranate Martini, vodka & lime

    Red Raspberry Martini Vodka & Red Raspberry Liquor

    Rootbeer Float Martini , vodka,  rootbeer schnapps, Bailys, coke float

    Watermelon Jolly Rancher Martini vodka, Watermelon Schnapps

    X-Rated vodka, Blood Orange, Mango & Passionfruit

     “I love a good martini;

    Two at the very most.

    Three, I’m under the table;

    Four-I’m under the host”.

     The fabulous Miss Dorothy Parker 

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